Springing For Easter

Transplant small container shrubs, like this Hydrangea that was given as an indoor gift several years ago.
It will flourish outside in good soil.
Bluebird eggs signal warmer weather and new life.

Birds chirping, trees greening, and flowers blooming usher in spring. This is the time of year for renewal and growth, both personally and in nature. Many of us look forward to shedding the heavy layers of winter and cleaning/organizing/decluttering our indoor spaces. Mother Nature urges us outdoors to witness this regrowth, while we tend to yards, sprouting weeds, and outdoor decor.

Just as the fall season lends itself to different indoor and outdoor projects, spring offers nature lovers a chance to get outside with friends and family. Check out “Falling for Thanksgiving” SeekBalanceSea blog for fall decor ideas.

Placing hummingbird and bird feeders/baths in gardens draw in feathered friends, while repositioning a flagstone path after mulching offers a chance to linger outside. Planting new spring flowers alongside ‘still alive’ fall flowers, such as Pansies and Violas, is an economical way to spruce up containers. Choosing fall flowers that have a spring color pallet–such as lilac, purple, white, and pale yellow–transition easily into spring., if they survive the winter.

Add a hummingbird feeder
in outdoor gardens. Wildbirds Unlimited in McKinney has several from which to choose.
Refresh a flagstone path after mulching
Pansies from fall season live harmoniously with new spring petunias, saving gardeners some extra cash.
Phlox flowers liven up beds in early spring.
Planting w/ good dirt ensures vegetation health.
Welcome Bluebirds to your yard with simple nestboxes

Adding garden statues, glass garden balls, and other items of interest provide more focal points in gardens. Our patinaed St. Francis statue has ‘lived in’ two states and survived the outdoor elements for ten plus years. He exudes a peaceful presence wherever we place him.

Nestled between purple pansies and herbs, St. Francis welcomes garden visitors… animal and human alike.

April is the perfect time of year to prune established trees and shrubs and also plant new trees and shrubs. Shades of Green Nursery in Frisco, Texas, has a large inventory of flowers, shrubs, trees, and outdoor landscaping decor. Calloway’s Nursery is also stocks a wide variety of flora and fauna. The staff at both nurseries are knowledgable and friendly.

Adding Japanese Maple trees to outdoor landscapes add a soft understory and texture for yards. Bloodgood Japanese Maples and Emperor Japanese Maples are varieties well suited for hot Texas summers, but they must be planted in shady areas (under a larger shade tree or northeast facing).

Get your hands dirty… Planting prep: digging a hole twice as
deep & wide as root container
allows root growth.
Remove clay based soil & use tree/shrub dirt. Top off w/ mulch to keep dirt in place.
Japanese Maples are understory trees & need shade to thrive.

The Dallas Arboretum sends out seasonal literature, providing at-home gardeners with tips and tricks that help them know when to plant and prune vegetation.

pictures curtesy Dallas Arboretum website

Create an inviting front entry with planters, a homemade Easter/spring wreath, and floral covered table. Hobby Lobby grapevine wreaths provide creative souls a base to create their own affordable, seasonal wreaths .

Make an Easter/spring wreath using a basic grapevine form .
Place a floral table cloth over a porch table and dress up a latern for a friendly entrance.
Start w/ basic grapevine wreath
Cut twine & fasten spring garlands to wreath
Separate garlands for optimum fluff

Don’t forget to give back porches and living areas a spring cleaning and spruce up, too. Adding a spring/Easter table cloth & table toppers, pastel colored pillows, and spring inspired doormats, is an easy way to enhance these outdoor spaces.

Table topper wrapped in
spring garland w/candle.
Switch out outdoor door mats.
Rubber interchangeable mats allow seasonal flexibility.
A pastel Sunbrella pillow cuddles
up to a moth imprinted one.

Check out A Taste of Paris’ “Front Door Refresh” blog post for more ways to bring some springtime cheer to your home entry.

Lorie Fangio’s home welcomes visitors with an entry redressed for spring.

Enjoy being outdoor with family and friends this springtime season.

Share your favorite spring gardening and outdoor decor tips.

Happy pruning & gardening, Sarah Heinzelmann Andersen

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