Jayhawks on road to Final Four!

Allen Field House at the University of Kansas… Beware of the Phog! (photo curtesy Athlon Sports.com)

I attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, from 1988–1992, and although I finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Arkansas, I consider myself a Jayhawk for life.

It was a wonderful time to be a college student at KU, as the basketball team had won the 1987-88 NCAA Division I men’s intercollegiate basketball champions (Wiki) the spring before my Fall 1988 classes began. There was certainly electricity in the air on campus and around Lawrence

If you’re any kind of basketball fan, you’ve heard that basketball was ‘invented’ by Dr. James Naismith, between a YMCA training school in Springfield, MA, and the University of Kansas. A separate article detailing the beginnings of basketball will follow in a separate post.

James A. Naismith, the ‘inventor’ of basketball

If you need to brush up on Beware of the PHOG legend, now your’s chance! My cousin’s husband, Brad Oliver, was one of the KU students who brought the legend to life and he and his friends made a YouTube video of it, which is linked above. The photos below show some of the people behind the scenes, who brought this legend to life. (All photos curtesy of Beware of the Phog YouTube video)

Brainstorming Beware of the Phog idea… Pen to paper first!
Beware of the Phog, original hand painted sign
The sign hung from the rafters in Allen Field House for years

Cheers to the 2021-22 Jayhawk basketball team for making it to the Final Four… again! I am frantically typing this post, as I had high hopes of publishing after their Elite Eight win last week. The current Jayhawks roster will be a great matchup against the Villanova Wildcats. Although, our family lucked into some 2019 Final Four tickets to see the Jayhawks play the Wildcats in San Antonio, and… well, hopefully, they’ll fare better today! Block those 3-point shots, Hawks!

Check out their uniforms for this season: The basketball rules printed vertically down the sides… So cool, and nostalgic!

KU jerseys feature Rules of Basketball

Wave the Wheat, Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk, Go KU….!

Share your favorite Kansas Jayhawk basketball memories:)

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