Cultivating a Balanced Life— some thoughts on 2018

Without being too wordy and lengthy, here are some books, new discoveries and old projects that helped me along the way during 2018. With three kids in various stages of life, a busy traveling hubby, substitute teaching, starting graduate school, and two dear pets–

Life is FULL.

🌱But there was no time like the present to start something new, continue projects that were important, and reflect on the goodness of this life.

🌱Lighting a candle every morning and praying over my people is a focused and peaceful way to start the day. I add pictures, scriptures and words when needed to update their prayer collages. Stormie Omartian’s Power of a Praying Parent has been a constant ‘companion’ on my bedside table throughout the years. The scripture, wisdom, and her personal stories are always a source of comfort for me.

🌱These are my green ‘children’, and the simple act of watering and nurturing them brings great satisfaction and joy. They all take a shower together once a week. There are many more throughout our home to help purify our indoor air and add life to our spaces.

🌱These ‘Little Alters Everywhere’ spaces change with the seasons and provide dedicated places to display important artwork, books, and pictures to name a few things. It’s nice to have a dedicated place to sit for a spell and enjoy a good book with a cup of peppermint tea.

🌱Speaking of books… I can’t live without them! Gilead and Bird by Bird are two books recommended by Jen Hatmaker’s podcasts. All I can say is read them… another blog on those later. At any given time, I’ll have two to three books and magazines going at once… each with their own bookmark and sometimes their own pen and sticky tabs for referring back to important passages, ideas, and pictures. My dear friend Julie invited me to join a book club, and I learned about so many great books from the ladies in the group. I’ll have to write a separate blog about those:).

🌱But Jen Hatmaker and her helpful, creative, and encouraging podcast, For the Love, is responsible for bringing voices of intelligence, reason, creativity, and motivation into my life. I have to thank my sweet friend Denise for recommending it. Jen’s Moxie Book is hilarious and real… especially if you’re a mother with children (even if they have flown the coop).

🌱Another amazing podcast is The Brian Buffini Show. This Irishman is hilarious and gives the best interviews and motivational presentations. His book recommendations are extremely helpful if you’re interested in self improvement😉 join them for free.

🌱Last year was filled with my role in Young Men’s Service League in the position of VP Boys. For three years I have volunteered with Ben in this organization on the Boys side and have loved every minute of it, even at times when it was really stressful. I’ve learned a ton about managing guest speakers and venues, different personalities, computer technology, and time management…. and to speak in front of a lot of people (even more than when I was a teacher). I dedicated two small shelves to keep all the notebooks and papers organized.

🌱And now in to my desk-table spaces to keep everyone else’s life moving forward. Each of my kids has their own folder on the table behind our family study desk for easy access… junk mail is not allowed in our study! It only touches the kitchen counter once, then gets tossed into the recycle bin.

🌱There’s so much more to share. I’m saving my pictures, writings, and family stories for another blog. Just wanted to remember these things in my life from 2018 before a new year starts to stack up :). To a simplified, peaceful 2019🌳

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  1. stepherocket says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

    Stephanie O’Dell

    972.365.6628 cell


    1. Late reply… but Thanks for your comment! Slowly but surely, I hope to be a regular blogger:)


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