Vancouver–Family Day–Wheels, Water, and Fireworks       (multi-gen travel series)

We got our morning rolling early with rented bikes from a cycle shop on Denman St.(there are several to choose from with competitive pricing) By using a coupon and bringing our own snacks and water, we saved money for our morning ride around Stanley Park. 

Chris and Mimi test out the bikes for a good fit before heading out for Stanley Park.
Bike, roller blades, and skate boards have a separate path next to those traveling on foot. A smart system that provides safety for all because everyone on wheels travels in same direction.
Totem Pole and gift shop stop.

The short hike up to the Beaver Pond gives easy access to Stanley Park’s indigenous forest.

Mimi, Poppy and cousins Chris and Abby watch the huge cargo ships head out to sea (to Asia perhaps…)
The Stanley Park Aquarium is an easy place to tag onto a day at the park.
Maps of Vancouver and Stanley Park are free and helpful in planning your outings.

Catching the False Creek mini ferry to Granville Island.
A fun way to see all the water activity in the harbor. The ferries look like little tug boats and are easy to get on and off.

The Broom Shop on Granville Island is a unique place to visit. All the wheat and supplies for the brooms are on display in back of store.

From water biking and paddle boarding, to ferry rides and boating, to swimming and playing on the beach, there are so many ways to enjoy the water in and around Vancouver.

Chris and Abby build sand castles and and play in water before we enjoyed pizza on the beach.
The Honda display of Lights on English Bay treated thousands to a fantastic fireworks show. Our adventurous, active day went out w a BANG!

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