Baden Baden, Germany–Slow your roll and start enjoying quality family time. 

The nine hour plane ride from DFW airport to Frankfurt International airport was comfortable and uneventful. Our family of five has been anticipating this two week vacation as our last official family trip before Hannah leaves for college this August. 

 Here are a few highlights from Day One.

Most of the trip planning was done with the help of Rick Steve’s Germany guide book. Along with internet research, it was the perfect supplement to pull together our itinerary since it also had a section on Salzburg, Austria. I checked out Steve’s Switzerland book to complete the weeks. 

We were ready for lunch at 10:00am, so we sat in the Lowenbrau bier garten for some local fare. The service really was ‘sloppy and rude’ as Steve’s guide said, but we were thankful for the food and ambiance. 

The local Italian restaurants were friendly and the food and beverages were delicious. 

We stayed at the quaint Am Markt Hotel in Old Towne by the Catholic Church.

Europeans have a simple, ingenious way of naturally cooling their dwellings. Dark metal shades roll up and down to keep warm air and sun light out. Open shade and wooden framed windows in evening to draw cool air in with the help of fans.

This Roman Catholic Church anchors the old town of Baden Baden. The church was built over a hot spring and remains at an 85% humidity level.

This ’emporer’s spa’ used by Roman leaders is now cleaned once a year by workers using oxygen masks. 

More examples of Roman influence and architecture in the hills above the old town.

Families stroll through the coble stoned lanes, as well as Tony cars making their way to local hotels. Ric Okasek (The Cars) and Paulina Porezkova (Estee Lauder model) and their two teenaged sons strolled right past us like any other normal family. She is still gorgeous, by the way!

Baden Baden is a family friendly destination with plenty of walking activities to keep everyone busy and engaged. The Irish-Roman Bath House is a huge draw for people to rest and rejuvenate. And the water bubbles up at about 105 degrees. 

The open air antique car show was a fun trip down memory lane w all makes and models of automobiles. Even Hannah and I liked it.

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