Fayetteville Farmers’ Market

The Market Logo
The Market Logo

Where can you find friendly dogs, fresh squeezed lemon-aid, beautiful cut flowers, boutique shops, and banjo players?  The Fayetteville, Arkansas, Farmers’ Market on the downtown Fayetteville square.  This is a wonderful family destination that provides something for everyone.  It is a great way to start the day on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Enjoying some freshly squeezed lemon-aid in the shade
Enjoying some freshly squeezed lemon-aid in the shade.

Walking around looking at the vendors’ colorful displays of fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, bird houses, pottery, art work, and much more inspires us to live in the moment and connect with our environment.  Green beans, potatoes, yellow squash, okra, eggplant, onions, Brussels sprouts, and many more vegetable varieties abound at the Market.  Pulling together an evening meal can be a multi-generational family event here.

My kids’ favorites are the handmade cinnamon rolls and freshly squeezed lemon-aid. The brownies and bread smelled delicious, too.



Fresh Flower Vendor display of local, seasonal posies. Reasonably priced, $8–$10

The Farmer’s Market opens around 7:00am, but it starts getting crowded around 9:00am.  Folks can linger at the Market until the early afternoon when farmers and merchants start loading their vans and trucks to go home.

Food and drinks are not the only things to do at the Market.  There are learning experiences, such at the U of A’s Department of Plant Pathology.  This booth provides hands-on microscope viewing of different bacteria and pathogens that attack plants.  The helpful graduate student explains the root system of plants and what the importance of keeping plants healthy.

       On the south side of the square sits the Fayetteville Town Center.  This large facility has nice, public restrooms and huge rooms to host events.  It provides an air-conditioned retreat for those that need to cool off.  And it has a large outdoor, shaded courtyard perfect for taking a seat and enjoying some food.

     The World Peace Prayer Fountain is another interesting stop during a Market stroll.  It’s fun for kids to push the large iron world and make in rotate in the water basin.  The water is a nice treat to cool off with in the hot morning sun.

Abby and Chris put their weight into rotating the World Peace ball.



There are also some eclectic shops on and off the square.  Jewelry, French antiques, and an Eco-Boutique to highlight just a few.  Jessy Lang the proprietor at Good Things Eco Boutique has stocked her store with fantastic organic, fair trade and mindful clothing, body care and much more.

There is too much to see and do during one morning at the Market.  If you have kids with you, pace yourself and resolve to visit another day to take in all the goods and talents that line the square.  Add this outing to your family’s list of things to do together.  It will be worth your effort:)


Venture in to Good Things Eco Boutique on 108 N. Block Ave. for feel good wares.
A brightly colored trash-recycle can reminds passersby that Fayetteville in environmentally aware.
View to the west side of square toward Bank of Fayetteville.


Banjo players kept the tempo lively as onlookers enjoyed visiting and shopping.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I agree Fayetteville has the best Farmer’s Market I have ever been to. Thanks, Sarah, for bringing it to everyone’s attention.


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